2014 PNW Intergalactic Championship

The 2014 PNW Intergalactic Championship


2013 winner, the Farr 30 Bat Out Of Hell

After complaining to a cohort that there wasn’t a real “I sailed the most and did the best” list of boats in the PNW he responded with “Shut Up and make it happen then!”  The PNW Intergalactic Championships was born.  So we put together a list of races from Olympia to Bellingham that boats travel to from one Yacht Club to another and ones that are not dominated by one design racing, nor dinghies.  Each year the number of races vary from changes and cancellations due to no wind or too much wind, the number varying between 24 and 28 races each year.  This year the Duwamish head race was left off for lack of results – cancelled due to too much wind!  A boats place in class is used for the scoring, if you didn’t do the race you get 2 points more than the worst score in that particular race – No throw-outs, no weighting, no best of *, you raced it, you got it.


2012 winner the J/109 Tantivy

Obviously if you do the best in the most races, you win.  Promoting both participation (something sorely needed by every group out there) and sailing well.  Back in 2011 the top spot was won by the J/109 Tantivy, in 2012 it once again went to the J/109 Tantivy.  For 2013 everything switched around with Tantivy dropping back to 8th and the Farr 30 Bat Out Of Hell jumped into the lead, doing the most racing by 5 races over the next boat, the J/105 Last Tango.

2014 winner, The Farr 30 Bat Out Of Hell owned by Lance Staughton

2014 winner, The Farr 30 Bat Out Of Hell owned by Lance Staughton, HRYC

For the 2014 PNW Intergalactic Championship, for the top spot on the podium, it once again took competing in 19 races, and once again it goes to the actively sailed Farr 30 Bat Out Of Hell, owned by Lance Staughton, Hood River Yacht Club.  Amazingly, the 2nd spot on the podium once again goes to the J/105 Last Tango, owned by Jim Geros, just 2 races back with 17 races and off the pace by just 15 points.  Moving up from 4th in 2013 to take the last spot on the podium was Charlie Macaulay and crew aboard their G&S designed one ton, Absolutely.  Well done everyone and all the race organizers in the Salish Sea thank you for Getting Out The Boat in 2014 and helping to get over 550 different boats out racing in the PNW in 2014

Last Tango3

Jim Geros and his J/105 Last Tango – 2nd Place for 2014

Last Tango2Last Tango

Data for you to peruse through, see how you placed in the group of 564 boats

Top 25 Boats For 2014

Top 25 Boats Sorted by 1st Place Percentage 2014

Top 25 Boats Historically by Boat

Top 25 Boats Historically by Place

Complete Data, all boats, for the 2014 PNW Intergalactic Championship

Complete Data, all boats, for the 2013 PNW Intergalactic Championship


The G&S 1 Ton Absolutely

Absolutely PITCH

3rd place for 2014

Photo’s by Jan Anderson – swing on over to janpix.smugmug.com and buy your crew a picture as a thank you for a great year!



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